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Take Me Back to the Start || Brossandra 

Brody had gone through a lot of conflicting feelings lately. He really liked Rachel, maybe even loved her, but Cassandra was his first real relationship and he knew that once upon a time he loved her too. Really, the only reason they broke up was because of the distance. They both had such chemistry and all the same interests. The only thing that had changed… Well, now she was pregnant and he was in an insane asylum.

But things were progressing. His therapists said they figured they were on the verge of a breakthrough and maybe Brody could even attend NYADA once the Spring semester rolled around. His mind had been so full of his future and Rachel, he hadn’t taken things with Cassandra into consideration. They had to at least try to make up and figure out what they were going to do about their child. Brody wasn’t ready to be a father, especially not when he was starting to fall for someone who wasn’t the child’s mother. Either way, Brody didn’t want to be absent in his/her life either. The whole reason his head was screwed up was because of his own problems with his Dad. He would never want to put his own child through something like that. Not being there at all would be worse than just putting too much pressure on to literally drive a kid mad.

Poking his head into the room Mr. Schuester used for glee club rehearsal, he spotted Cassandra. Brody smiled, a bit nervous, and rapped his knuckles against the open door. “Hey there,” he greeted, mood lightening a little when Cassandra looked up. “How are you doing?” Brody knew the question was much heavier than just a normal icebreaker. He wanted to know about the pregnancy and what Cassandra was going through and especially where they stood.

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    Cassie smiled at him. It was nice that it wasn’t as uncomfortable between them as she expected it to be. It was actually...
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